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The Digital Wallet: A New Era for Payment

The Digital Wallet: A New Era for Payment

Over the last 10 years, the digital and mobile wallet has become a popular payment method for many people worldwide. More than 64% of...
Should you be investing in cryptocurrencies?

Should you be Investing in Cryptocurrencies?

The viability of investing in cryptocurrencies has been one of the most diverse topics of conversation within the financial industry since the Financial Crisis....
What is in store for Bitcoin?

What is in store for Bitcoin?

With bitcoin soaring to new heights in 2017, the question on everyone’s mind is whether it will climb further, continue in a sideways pattern,...
Digital Payment Options in Online Trading

Digital Payment Options in Online Trading

Due to a rise in online trading, it is evident that the demands for alternate deposit/withdrawal options have rapidly increased. Previously, the most popular...
Bitcoin ETF

Bitcoin Showing Relative Strength After U.S. Regulators Reject ETF

Last Friday the SEC released a long-awaited ruling that denied a request for the first US exchange traded fund tracking the digital currency Bitcoin...

A Trader’s Opinion of Bitcoin: Then and Now

It should be no surprise that when I first heard of Bitcoin, which was in the middle of April 2013, I thought the news...

BITCOIN Cult Stock at Best

I've been following the Bitcoin for the last year or so. When I initially heard about a vitual currency, I immediatly thought it was...


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