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Fake Breakout trade EUR/USDvideo

Fake Breakout trade EUR/USD

The purpose of this video is to teach people how not to fall into any fake break out trades. In previous videos I teach...
What is a Spread?

What is a Spread?

In the Forex Market, the spread is the difference in pips between the BID price and the ASK price quote ( Buy/sell) in a currency...
Trading the Forex Market. EUR/USD Daily Patterns and Strategiesvideo

Trading the Forex Market. EUR/USD Daily Patterns and Strategies

From previous trading strategies and recognizing the best moments to trade, these two trade in the EUR/USD come from certain pivot and pattern levels...
Trading the FX Market using price action

Trading the FX Market using price action

In the following video Andres Salazar talks about his own personal strategies and how it unfolds using his own volume software. He also explains...
What Does A Trading System Mean?

What Does A Trading System Mean?

A trading system is based on certain settings with certain rules related to buying and selling in the financial markets. It obtains a statistical analysis...

Forex Strategy. How to Identify Trend Continuation Levels

In this Forex strategy video, Andres explains how to recognize trend continuation levels in which you can trade of. Forex Strategy These levels are used very...

How to measure risk in Forex

It seems incredible, but sometimes the simplest things can be the most difficult to accept and understand. While working in this exciting world of...
Trading Should be Easy

Trading Should be Easy

Question: So you think you're a pretty good trader and you've been telling all of your friends about the profits you're been making and...

Liquidity Provisions For FX Brokers

Read the full interview HERE. Forex Magnates reached out to Matt Donofrio, FX and CFDs Sales Director at Tradeview Ltd, for an exclusive perspective on...

F1 Managed Accounts

As succeed in formula 1 depends on an excellent car and an excellent pilot; succeed and short term results on managed FX and CFD...


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