BITCOIN – Everything you need to know to start trading BTC

The globalization of the Internet and technological advances has allowed the emergence of an innumerable number of digital forms of exchanges. In 2009, cryptocurrency, or as it is known today, Bitcoin, which is nothing more than a digital currency, entered the Internet. In the following article I will offer a brief summary about this currency and how it has been the talk of the financial world for the last few months.

What is Bitcoin?

Put simply, it is a digital currency for the exchange of goods and services. Its value is generally quoted in dollars and varies according to the fluctuation of its market. Bitcoin is decentralized, so it does not have a central emitter; however, it is considered efficient and safe.

How does it work?

Bitcoin are generated through a free code program that solves complex algorithms through a process known as mining. But this is simply the way the currency is generated. When it comes to investing, Bitcoin are generally acquired through purchases on stock exchanges or through other investors. Making a transaction with Bitcoin is done through a rather simple process. One simply has to share the address of their wallet with the individual with whom they are going to enhance their operations.

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How to save Bitcoin

Now we come to a frequently asked question: how and where are Bitcoins saved? Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are completely virtual. To access them originally you have to use a special software which allows investors to see the balance that they have in their accounts as well as make and receive transfers.

For greater security it is imperative that you have a special virtual wallet for the currency that is obtained on the official Bitcoin page which will allow you to install the software on your personal computer, phone or other mobile device. When this process is completed, you get a unique address, which essentially serves the same purpose as an email. With this address, digital signatures are created and identity is verified for access to the portfolio.

Invest with Bitcoin

Now that you know a bit more about what Bitcoin is all about, you also must know that this digital currency can also be used to make investments, and due to this factor we must bear in mind that Bitcoin can be a very volatile and therefore dangerous asset.

Its record since it emerged in 2009 proves this notion. Its tendency since that period has been to have percentage variations of historical ups and downs, no other currency has behaved as extreme as Bitcoin. 

Nonetheless, Tradeview Markets sees Bitcoin as a valuable asset and trading tool for the foreseeable future. We offer many methods of investing in Bitcoin and are always available to offer more information on how we can best fit your Bitcoin trading needs.

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Allison Ubilus
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